Hi and welcome to Home DIY!

My name is Neil and I started this site many moons ago. Let me take you back to the beginning. We were looking to buy our first house and couldn’t decide if we wanted to buy a small 2 bed which was all primp and proper, or buy a large 3 bed house which needed renovating throughout for the same price.

Being forward thinking people we decided to opt for the 3 bed as we are planning on having a family shortly. Buying a house that needs renovation with no prior experience, you turn to the internet, a lot. I seemed to spend most of my day just looking at various how to videos and then realising I didn’t even have the tools they were using for the job!

After scouring the internet looking for the best tools and equipment to buy, there didn’t seem to be a dedicated review site to solely house related DIY. HomeDIY.guide to the rescue!

We hope you enjoy the site and more importantly the tireless hours spent researching and reviewing the products.

The Home DIY family.