A Review of The Best Electric Fires In 2020

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If you are looking for the best electric fires on the market, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest electric fires to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below we start with a table, listing the best from top to bottom for people who want a quick answer as to which comes out on top. Followed by a more in-depth review of each product further down the page.

Quick Overview Of The Top 10 Best Electric Fires

Detailed Review Of The Top 10 Best Electric Fires

The Dimplex Opti-Myst Stove is arguably the best realistic flame electric fire by Dimplex. As far as most Dimplex opti myst stove reviews are concerned, this electric fire is the perfect equipment to have in your home as it can be used independently of heat. The three-dimensional structure of this stove makes it even more realistic.

It comes with a remote control and is fitted with a thermostat and a 2KW fan heater that you can switch between 1KW and 2KW. The controls of this electric fire stove are located inside the doors under a flap. A significant number of the Dimplex optimyst electric fireplace reviews seem genuinely impressed by the overall design and appearance of this electric fire.

This opti-myst stove comes with a matt black finish and has doors that you can open and close as you please. This is an addition to its authenticity especially if you consider the realistic opti-myst flame and smoke effect.

You can use it without heat emission. Therefore, it is usable throughout the year regardless of the condition of the weather. 

Dimplex Opti-Myst Stove


  • It has a cozy heat and a realistic flame that enhances the authenticity of the house
  • Most opti myst fire reviews show that users are glad that this electric fire stove is remote controlled


  • It’s expensive compared to other electric fires in the market

The Dimplex 2 kW Detroit freestanding electric fire is an excellent electric fire that is designed to operate freely while standing against the wall. Its manufacturers have made a name for themselves after having served this market segment for over 70 years. All that experience is converged into the Dimplex Detroit electric fire.

As such, you should expect some very amazing features from this device. The most outstanding features of this electric fire are the two heat settings and the Optiflame Technology. This means that you can switch between 1 KW and 2 KW heat settings depending on your preference.

This electric fire is just the complete package. It comes in an elegant and contemporary look that makes it ideal for the modern living room setup. The height, width and depth dimensions of this electric fire are 670mm, 614mm, and 229mm respectively. Your safety is fully guaranteed since the Dimplex Detroit freestanding electric fire conforms to the BEAB Intertek standards. With the Optiflame Technology, you can set this electric fire to the flame-only mode. This makes the Dimplex Detroit freestanding electric fire suitable for all-year use. It is worth noting that this electric fire comes with both real coal and white pebbles. 

Dimplex Detroit 2 Electric Fire


  • The Optiflame Technology makes this electric fire usable throughout the year because you can activate the realistic flame effect, which works without emitting heat
  • It conforms to high safety standards of the BEAB
  • It is manufactured by a reputable company
  • Does not require annual maintenance


  • One Dimplex optiflame review didn’t seem to be pleased with the fact that the chrome fender is plastic

This is an excellent and affordable electric fire from HomCom. The company has spent years building its brand as the best home suppliers on the market. The HomCom electric fire is a wall-mounted model that comes with LED-based stunning flame effects which you can change to 7 different colors.

A significant number of electric fire reviews have admitted that this feature makes HomCom the best electric fireplace. It also has the pebbles effect and you can change heat settings with a remote control. As if that is not enough, this electric fire also allows you to adjust dim settings.

You can select between two heat settings which include the 900W and the 1800 W options. The black curved tempered glass front panel gives this electric fire an elegant finish and it ranks highly among the best wall mounted electric fires reviews.

You cannot resist the cozy look and feel that this electric fire gives your living room. 

Homcom Led Curved Glass Electric Fire Place


  • It is notably affordable and durable which gives you the value of your money
  • It has a beautiful and elegant look
  • This electric fire is energy efficient


  • You have to purchase a wall mounting frame separately

When it comes to portability, very few electric fires can rival the VonHaus Stove Heater. It comes with height, width and depth dimensions of 56cm, 50.5cm and 31cm respectively. This makes it an ideal fireplace for use in both homes and the workplace. It is classically designed with bronze effect handles and a large display window.

The VonHaus Stove can comfortably heat up a room measuring 53 square meters. You can adjust the heat settings between 925W and 1850W via the adjustable thermostat. Most electric stove fires reviews highlight the VonHaus Stove as an excellent living room accessory as it can be used independently without heat allowing you to vary the brightness of the flame.

With the realistic vivid flame effect, you are free from the risks that come with having a real log fire in the living room. It also comes with a safety thermal cut-off device that prevents excess heat from accumulating. The manufacturer gives you a 2-year warranty. This means that the VonHaus Stove is likely going to serve you for a solid 2 years without any hitches.

VonHaus Stove Heater Fire Place


  • This electric fireplace has a freestanding design and is thermostatically controlled
  • The realistic fire effect enhances the authenticity of your living room
  • It is ideal for both home and office use


  • It is not suitable for large rooms of more 60 square meters and above

This is another electric fireplace manufactured by VonHaus. It has two adjustable heat settings that allow you to switch from 1000W to 2000W depending on your preference. It also allows you the option to use the realistic flame effect, which is a great way of creating an amazing authentic atmosphere that is similar to a traditional hearth.

Since it is a freestanding heater, the VonHaus electric fire requires no installation. It also effortlessly heats up a 60-square meters room a few minutes after turning it on using the simple switch operation.

Apart from being a freestanding unit, this fireplace is quite portable since it measures only 48cm by 19cm by 59.9cm. It comes with a 1.89m cable that allows you to move it around with ease. The decorative pebbles complement the realistic flame effect thus creating an ambient environment for you, your family and the visitors. This is because the VonHaus electric fireplace offers a beautiful focal point in the living room.

If you like, you can install this fireplace fully inset although you will require some fittings which are not included in the package. 

VonHaus Electric Fireplace 2000W


  • The VonHaus electric fireplace is affordable and durable giving you the value of your money
  • It is also a beautiful focal point given its great design and stylish and lovely finish
  • It adds a traditional charm to the living room with its pebbles and realistic flame effect


  • The optimum heat distribution may be limiting for people with living rooms larger than 60m²

This is another amazing electric fire from VonHaus that comes with great features that make it different from the others on the market.

The first thing you will notice about this electric fire is the elegant look. It is a wall-mountable ultra-stylish heater that features a curved glass panel and a couple of self-contained capabilities. For instance, it comes with a remote control and a touch panel digital display. When it comes to safety features, this electric fire is quite a winner. For starters, it has a curved heating panel that is extra-safe.

Secondly, the built-in overheat protection ensures that the VonHaus electric fire does not damage or harm users as a result of overheating.

VonHaus Electric Fireplace Panel Heater 2000W

The LED artificial flame effect gives this electric fire an aesthetic look because it is designed to look like an actual coal fire. By the way, you can vary the brightness of the flames depending on your preference. It is worth noting that despite the fact that it is a wall-mounted electric fire, the process is quite simple. All you need is a nearby plug, a drill and an extra pair of hands to help you with the lifting and fitting. Once it is installed, you can enjoy a prolonged service that is backed by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • It is an easy-to-install wall-mounted electric fireplace. According to the best electric fires reviews, it comes with all the required tools
  • This unit has high satisfaction levels considering that it is beautiful, stylish and affordable


  • Some wall hung electric fires reviews claim that it has a noisy fan

This is an amazing electric fireplace from HomCom whose iron design and viewing window give it an authentic look. The logwood burning flame effect is the prominent feature that makes the HomCom electric fireplace stand out.

However, a couple of best electric stove reviews have acknowledged the fact that this unit is particularly suitable for the chilly mornings and cold evenings. It also comes in quite handy during the winter although several users pointed out that it could be of no use if you intend to install it in a large room that exceeds 30㎡.

It comes with a thermostat and a thermal cut off feature that monitors the temperature. You can adjust the temperature settings with the press of a button between 950W and 1850W. The temperature is not the only thing you can adjust in this electric fireplace. You can adjust the brightness of the flame effects as well.

When it comes to safety, you can rest assured that the HomCom electric fireplace is totally safe to use. It is compliant with CE, EMC, GS, and ROHS safety standards. 

HOMCOM Freestanding Electric Fire Place


  • It has a freestanding design which makes it easy to install
  • Gives your room an elegant appearance that is welcoming to visitors
  • It is suitable for the chilly mornings, cold evenings and winter weather


  • Despite being one of the best flame effect electric fires, some of the users equate its noise levels to that of a lawnmower

Warmlite is giving you the opportunity to enjoy a cozy atmosphere in the midst of nerve-wracking cold in the winter.

The Warmlite WL46016 LED Fire Stove is an amazing electric fireplace that comes with a simple freestanding design making it super-easy to install. It is a portable fireplace that measures 24cmx38cmx57cm and has a cable that is about 4 feet long.

You can adjust the heat settings between 1000W and 2000W depending on the atmosphere that you desire. You are definitely going to love the realistic LED log flame effect that creates an authentic warmth in your living room. It is ideal for any room since you can operate it from a freestanding position.

When it comes to safety, the Warmlite WL46016 LED Fire Stove is a great choice. This is because it comes with an overheat protection feature that prevents the fireplace from overheating during use.

Warmlite WL46016 LED Fire Stove


  • This stove is affordable and durable thus giving you the value of your money
  • High level of customer satisfaction associated with this electric fire


  • Some people are bothered by the noise produced when this electric fire is running

VonHaus has for a long time remained consistent with the manufacture of high-quality electric fireplace heaters. This unit helps keep your home warm with the 2 heat settings allowing you to switch between 925W and 1850W.

It is known as the best automatic electric fire for a reason. The thermostat detects changes in temperature and adjusts to restore normalcy. For instance, if it gets too hot in the room, the VonHaus heater will switch off. This way, you will never encounter problems of overheating whatsoever.

The realistic fire effect in this unit is on another level. A significant number of electric stove reviews have applauded the fact that the flame effect can be used independently. This means that you can continue enjoying the beautiful view of realistic flames even after it has stopped emitting heat.

You get to enjoy the view of real wood fire without exposing yourself to the health and safety risks associated with actual flames.

VonHaus Electric Fireplace Stove Heater


  • It has an elegant freestanding design that makes it suitable for various locations
  • It offers a beautiful focal point


  • It is not suitable for large-sized rooms

This is a freestanding electric fireplace that comes with a beautiful log burning flame effect which gives your room a cozy and warm atmosphere. You do not have to worry about overheating as this electric fireplace is thermostatically controlled.

It comes in two designs which include the retro design (black) and the modern one (white). The retro design has a black cast iron finish and it works by having the fan blow the hot air forward through the bottom between the front feet. The fact that the log burning flame effect is heat-independent means that you can use this stove at any time.

When it comes to safety, this electric fireplace is superb as it comes with an automatic cut-off device that makes it safe to use. Its dimensions are 42.0 x 36.5 x 26.0cm and it is compliant with all the necessary safety standards such as LVD, EMC, TUV, and ROHS. 

Electric Fireplace BPS 1850W Freestanding


  • It has a beautiful real vivid log burning effect that enhances the appearance of the living room while keeping the cold at bay
  • It is easy to install and uninstall
  • Low maintenance costs since it does not require any gas or fuel


  • It is uncomfortably noisy when running
  • The bulbs in this electric fireplace are halogen and not LED which means more electricity is used up


Looking at the main factors that one needs to consider when buying an electric fireplace, it is obvious that the Dimplex Opti-Myst Stove is a winner among the ten electric fires that we have reviewed. It has a beautiful flame and smoke effect that is heat independent and can be thermostatically controlled not to mention the presence of a remote control. Despite being considerably pricey, this electric fireplace is definitely the best one you can own.

Guide For Buying The Best Electric Fires

Benefits of Having a Electric Fires

If you compare an electric fireplace to its traditional counterpart, you realise that the former has way more benefits than the latter. For starters, electric fireplaces offer more customization options because they come in various styles. Therefore, it is not difficult finding one that matches your home’s décor.

Secondly, you are not prone to the health and safety risks associated with burning coal or gasses. This is because unlike the traditional hearths, electric fires do not produce any gasses, embers or smoke when running, which means you are safer around them. The maintenance efforts required for an electric fire are way less compared to those of a traditional hearth. Apart from dusting the appliance every once in a while, there is no other maintenance you need to do on an electric fireplace.

Most electric fireplaces come with attractive realistic flame effects that can be used independently to provide a beautiful focal point in your living room. It is also worth noting that the installation process is quite simple as you do not require any professional or technical skills to set it up. 

Benefits of Having a Electric Fires

Safety Precautions

Here are the safety tips that you should be aware of prior to installing an electric fireplace in your home. Always ensure that you install this appliance is a location that is close to the electric socket. If your preferred location is far from the socket, do not attempt to use an extension lead. An overloaded extension lead can easily cause a fire. Secondly, since the heating element on an electric fire gets very hot when it’s turned on, you should avoid contact with the casing to avoid getting burnt. Make sure the fresh air intake vent and the warm air discharge vent on the electric fire are not blocked at any time as this would interfere with its operations. Do not attempt to hang any laundry on your electric fireplace.

Make sure you turn the electric fireplace off when you are not using it. This would prevent unnecessary accidents from happening especially if you have children around. Do a frequent inspection of the electric fireplace to identify any worn out wires or evidence of sheathing. Contact a professional to conduct any repairs that you may find in your electric fireplace. Make sure that you keep an eye on children and pets around the electric fireplace. Lastly, bathrooms and any damp places are out of bounds for electric fireplace installation. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Electric Fires

Before buying an electric fireplace, it is important that you are informed about the factors that should be put into consideration. Our buying guide helps you decipher the jargon of electric fireplaces by highlighting the important considerations that you should make. First and foremost, before you buy an electric fireplace, you should ask yourself which one between a freestanding and a wall-mounted fireplace is right for you. Once you have decided on the form that is right for you, you should go ahead and choose your preferred energy rating. Most electric fires are rated 2KW although you can switch between 1KW and 2KW. Bear in mind that the higher the power rating the more the energy consumption. Also, find out if the electric fireplace you are buying is thermostatically controlled.

Consider Before Buying a Electric Fires

Safety is another major consideration that you need to make when buying an electric fireplace. The best electric fires have an automatic cut off feature that prevents the appliance from overheating or reaching an unsafe temperature. The other thing that is equally important is whether the electric fire you are about to buy is heat-independent. A heat independent electric fireplace would allow you enjoy the beautiful flame effects without necessarily heating up the room. It is also recommended to look for an electric fire that comes with a remote control for extra convenience. Needless to say, the size of the room is a major consideration that you ought to make when buying this appliance. For most of the electric fireplaces, the heat distribution capacity is usually indicated. This will help you to avoid going for an electric fireplace that is either too powerful or limited for your living room.

FAQ Section

Question: How Safe Is It to Leave the Electric Fireplace on at Night?
Answer: It is recommended to ensure the electric fireplace is turned off and unplugged from the socket when you are away. However, if you really need to keep your room warm overnight, you can leave it on. When you leave it on overnight or any other time, make sure to make use of the thermostat to appropriately control the temperature.

Question: When Should I Not Leave the Electric Fireplace on?
Answer: The power bills involved when running an electric fireplace can be a major issue of concern for most homeowners. As such, try as much as possible to only leave it on when it is extremely necessary to do so. This will help you avoid high power bills. Remember that it consumes a lot of power even in low energy settings.

Question: What Are the Noise Levels of a Running Electric Fireplace?
Answer: The fan in a standard electric produces an audible sound when running but in most cases, this sound is tolerable.

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