A Review of the Best Oil-Filled Radiators In 2020

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If you're looking for the best oil-filled radiators on the market, you have come to the right place.

We review the latest oil-filled radiators to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below we will start with a table, listing the best radiators from top to bottom for those who want a quick answer as to which ranks the highest. This is followed by a more in-depth review of each product further down the page.

A Quick Overview Of The Top 10 Best Oil-Filled Radiators

A Detailed Review Of The Top 10 Best Oil-Filled Radiators

The De’Longhi TRD4 0615T Dragon 4 Oil-Filled Radiator is an aesthetically-designed functional cold weather appliance. It is a manifestation of elegance, safety, and convenience. With physical dimensions measuring 16cm x 36cm x 65cm and weighing 11.5KG, you will find it relatively easy to carry around, given that it comes with a set of pre-assembled wheels and a carrying handle. Moving this electric radiator from one room to another or from one location to another is quite simple and safe. It can easily blend in with the surroundings you choose to place it in. The De’Longhi TRD4 0615T Dragon 4 Oil-Filled Radiator is ideal for rooms with a volume of up to 60m3.

This radiator works with the chimney effect, where cold air enters the radiator through its hottest part then it vents out through the “chimney” - thus accelerating the process of heating up the room. There are various reasons the De’Longhi TRD4 0615T Dragon 4 is categorized among the best radiators. First, it offers the unique functionality which allows you to switch between three heat levels. Secondly, by using the timer and thermostat you have total control over the temperature for up to 24 hours. If that is not enough, it also comes with an anti-frost feature, an overheat safety cutout and cable storage.

If the De’Longhi TRD4 0615T Dragon 4’s design is something to go by, this radiator can easily pass for a bestseller. It comes in a pure, brilliant white color with a stylish and uncluttered design that makes it suitable for any home décor. Its surface is quite radiant with an enlarged fin shape. With this design feature, you are sure to get at least 25% more than the normal radiant surface you’d get from its predecessor. Many users find the convective in the De’Longhi TRD4 0615T Dragon 4 Oil-Filled Radiator to be the most outstanding feature. It is why this model ranks highly among the best electric radiators on the market.


  • This radiator takes a considerably short time to heat up a large room. This is because of the chimney effect that accelerates the convection of hot air
  • It has an elegant design and the pure white finish makes it easy to blend in with any home décor
  • It is easy to transport from one location to another
  • It has a lengthy warranty


  • The noise produced when this radiator is running can be discomforting to some people

This electric radiator from De’Longhi is powerful and sturdy-looking with a pure white finish that makes it suitable for any living room décor. It has three changeable heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature to your preference. According to a some oil-filled radiator reviews, this one is quite effective and you will notice that it heats up the room quite fast, even on the lowest heat setting. Perhaps this is due to the chimney effect that accelerates the process of heat radiation in the room. Its highest heat output is 2.5KW. You may experience a nauseating plastic smell the first time you turn it on and switch it to the highest heat output.

Other than the pure white finish and elegant design, this radiator is well-represented when it comes to functional features. It has a timer, thermostat and a power cutout that prevents overheating. With the time, you can set the preferred temperature and let this radiator maintain it for up to 24 hours. This makes it suitable for bedroom use as you can leave it overnight. The thermostat ensures that only the temperature settings set by you are maintained. You get to enjoy a combination of radiant and conventional heat in the atmosphere thanks to this beautiful heater.

If you'd like, you can move it from one room to another as you please because it has a carry handle and a set of pre-assembled wheels. When it is not in use, you can easily put this electric radiator away without messing up your storage space because it comes with a cable storage feature. With the 2500-watt power rating, you can heat up a room as large as 75m3 . Since it is efficient and effective, you will not incur a very hefty electricity bill.


  • This electric radiator is one of the most aesthetically appealing on the market given its stylish and elegant finish
  • It has a pocket-friendly price tag and will give you prolonged service given the long manufacturer’s warranty of ten years
  • It is energy-efficient as it can heat up a 75m3 room faster, even on the lowest heat setting


  • Some of the oil-filled electric radiators reviews complained that this radiator gives off a burning-plastic smell when the settings are switched to the highest power rating
  • Other electric radiator reviews point out that it produces a creaking noise when turning on and off

The Dimplex Oil-Free Radiator with a Timer is a column radiator that provides portable and pleasant warmth anywhere you place it. This oil-free radiator will heat up the room using the patented fin designed for quick heat distribution.

With this oil-free radiator you won't need to worry about unnecessary energy consumption thanks to the digital 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to take control of the room's temperature. One of the best things about this radiator is that it's “oil-free”, which allows you to not worry about annoying and risky leaks. Is also good for the environment.


  • Energy Class A
  • Oil-free technology
  • Has a 24-hour programmable digital timer
  • Maintenance-free
  • It has comfortable glide castors and carry handles


  • May not fit in all spaces due to its size

This is a 2500W oil-filled radiator that has been designed to fit in rooms of different shapes and sizes, including your living room, bedroom, and even your office space. All you need to do is turn it on and select the right heat output settings between 1000W, 1500W and 2500W. The Pro Breeze electric radiator is designed to lower your electricity bills by offering you sustainable warmth in the room for a longer period of time. Once heated, oil is known to retain heat for a longer time. Therefore, with the 11 heating fins that come with the Pro Breeze oil-filled radiator, you are sure to get the atmosphere in your room to your desired temperature in only a matter of minutes.

The specifications of this radiator include 2500W and 220-240V, 50Hz output and input power ratings respectively. It measures 50cm x 24cm x 62cm and has castor rotating wheels that make it easy to move it around. The connecting cable to the socket is 1.5m long and has cable storage that allows you to sore it tidily without messing up your storage space. As far as safety is concerned, the Pro Breeze oil-filled radiator is fitted with three features. These include the overheat protection, an automatic thermal cutoff feature, and a safety tip-over switch. These features work together to make your use of this electric radiator as safe as possible.

The fact that this radiator comes with three heat settings give you the flexibility to reach your desired temperature with a lot more ease. You no longer have to worry about chilly mornings and cold evenings because you can raise the temperature of the atmosphere around you in a matter of minutes. It is also incredibly easy to use with the 24-hour timer that allows you to set the radiator to automatically switch on or off. This feature is quite ideal for use when there is no one at home and the radiator needs to be turned on or off.


  • It is easy-to-use, especially with the 24-hour timer
  • The LED power indicator lets you know at a glance if the radiator is on or off
  • It has great safety features and can be used in all rooms of varying sizes and shapes
  • It is easy to fit into your home with the four castor wheels that come with the package

This medium-sized oil-filled radiator is designed specifically for small and medium sized rooms like your bedroom, office or bathroom. It measures 17.3 cm x 38.5 cm x 34 cm and weighs approximately 6 kgs. This means that the De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil-Filled Radiator is quite portable considering that it has both the front and back handles for easy carrying. This radiator has an output power rating of 500 Watts but it does not mean that it is any less powerful. It has Real Energy technology that works to optimize power output. This way, the energy released is 100% of what you expect.

The design of this radiator is one-of-a-kind. It features a large heating surface to increase the rate of heat distribution. There are no sharp edges on this radiator for safety reasons. According to several reviews on the best oil-filled radiators, the De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil-Filled Radiator is quite versatile and people love that they can use it in different rooms. You can fine-tune the temperature that you find most comfortable for you using the thermostat.

Safety is a paramount factor and the De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil-Filled Radiator has made sure to treat it with the seriousness it deserves. This radiator features an anti-freeze functionality, as well as an overheat safety protection feature. These features ensure that the radiator adjusts to the appropriate temperature settings depending on the prevailing conditions.


  • The Real Energy technology makes it one of the most efficient radiators on the market
  • Its design functionality makes it ideal for a variety of rooms


  • Some users feel that the radiator’s heating element is extremely loud
  • Other users think that it takes too long to raise the room temperature to a reasonable level

This medium-sized oil-filled radiator from Daewoo comes in two colors; black and white. First of all, the design of this radiator is top-notch. For easy maneuverability, this radiator is fitted with four castors and an ergonomic handle to allow you to transport it from one location to another. When it is not in use, you can store it away after nicely rolling the cable in the cable tidy.

This radiator features all of the functionalities you’d expect from a standard oil-filled radiator. The maximum output power rating is 2500W and you can adjust it to three different settings. Apart from that, it also comes with an adjustable room thermometer to help you achieve the best room temperature. The 11 heat fins ensure that the performance of this radiator is up to the expectations of a 2500W heater. You also get amazing safety features with this particular appliance. For instance, it has an environmental protection oil feature to prevent the oil used in the radiator from polluting the environment. It also has an automatic shut off and on feature to automatically switch the radiator on or off when necessary.


  • The Daewoo 11 Fin 2500W Oil-Filled Radiator is ranked among the most portable electric oil-filled radiators
  • It is ideal for home, domestic and office use thus making it an ideal oil-filled radiator
  • It does not require a lot of maintenance
  • It is also quite affordable and you get the best value for your money


  • The noise levels produced when the heating element is running can be annoying for some people

If you are looking for an economical yet effective way to heat up a large room, then the UltraMax 9 Fin 2000W Electric Oil-Filled Radiator is exactly what you need. It is designed with innovative features to help you have total control over the temperature and power output while achieving the desired temperature in your large room. With a big heat distribution capacity, you can be sure to have your extra-large living room, bedroom or office space heated within a matter of minutes. Surprisingly, you won’t break the bank for this oil-filled radiator as its price is below £50 with free UK delivery.

The UltraMax 9 Fin 2000W Electric Oil-Filled Radiator is quite compact and easy to transport from one location to another. Its length, width and height measure 405 mm, 240 mm and 640 mm respectively and it has a net weight of approximately 11 kgs. Other than being relatively compact and easy to transport, the UltraMax 9 Fin 2000W Electric Oil-Filled Radiator is also easy to store as it comes with a cable tidy that helps you to neatly wrap the cable for storage.

The UltraMax 9 Fin 2000W Electric Oil-Filled Radiator comes with three heat settings. These allow you to easily switch from 800W to 1200W to 2000W. With the 9 heat fins and the functional design of the UltraMax 9 Fin 2000W Electric Oil-Filled Radiator, you can be sure to heat up a large room within a matter of minutes.


  • This oil-filled radiator heats up quickly, saving you many electricity bills
  • It is durable; you can use it for years without running into problems
  • It is reasonably priced


  • Most users consider the timer to be a standard feature of an electric oil-filled radiator. The UltraMax 9Fin 2000W Electric Oil-Filled Radiator doesn’t come with a timer but you can fix one for yourself

Just like the other 11-fin radiator from Daewoo that we reviewed earlier, this 1500W variant is suitable and just as versatile. It can be used in different rooms including offices, bedrooms, living rooms and conservatories. With a massive power output of 1500 watts, you can have your room heated up to your desired temperature within minutes. As if that is not enough, this radiator gives you all the control to preset the desired temperature and let it do the rest. As a thermostatically controlled radiator, you can leave it and trust that it will adjust itself accordingly to achieve the desired room temperature.

Like most oil-filled radiators, the Daewoo Branded 1500W Oil-Filled Radiator comes with three heat settings that let you choose the appropriate one to suit your temperature preference. It has four castors that help with movement, meaning that you can transfer this radiator from one location to another without breaking a sweat. You also benefit from low noise levels as a result of the superior design of this radiator. It is meant to lower the noise produced when it is running. Given the slim, compact and lightweight features of this radiator, 

you can have it doing lots of heating in different rooms by simply transporting it there whenever necessary. This is because the Daewoo Branded 1500W Oil-Filled Radiator can fit almost anywhere and won’t interfere with your décor. It has a cut off switch that prevents overheating.


  • It is slim and lightweight, which means you can easily transport it from one room to another
  • This radiator is reasonably priced yet it gives you total value for your money
  • Setting up the Daewoo Branded 1500W Oil-Filled Radiator is easy and does not require any technical expertise


  • A significant number of oil-filled radiators reviews complained that this radiator broke down after only a week of use

This compact radiator from the Great Value Company promises to take the cold away from your office, bedroom and living room with great ease. It features a low power rating of 650W but don't let it fool you and make you think that it is a lower-performance radiator. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. This radiator gets your small rooms heated up within a short time and it fully utilizes the qualities of oil such as high heat retention. You can easily transfer it from one room to another as it comes with an integrated handle that is ergonomically designed.

The Great Value Company GVC Mini 5-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator comes with only one heat setting. However, with the adjustable thermostat and the fast heating property, you can be sure to have your room attain the desired temperature within a short period of time. It is also incredibly easy to control. As one of the best-priced radiators on the market, you naturally expect it to have substandard service delivery. 

On the contrary, the Great Value Company GVC Mini 5-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator delivers a very acceptable performance as far as temperature control is concerned. The noise levels produced by this radiator are almost negligible and it is slim and compact. You can fit it in any location without messing up the décor in your room.


  • It is slim, compact and portable making it ideal for a variety of rooms including conservatories, offices, bedrooms and living rooms
  • The Great Value Company GVC Mini 5-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator is reasonably priced
  • It is easy to operate given the simple controls


  • It does not have a countdown timer
  • Some of the radiator reviews raised concerns about the durability of this radiator. For some, it broke down after only a couple of weeks
  • One of the electric radiator reviews pointed out that it is one of noisiest radiators on the market

Going by the opinion of user reviews, the Warmlite WL43002Y Oil-Filled Radiator is arguably the most energy-efficient oil-filled radiator on the market. It has a power rating of 650 watts but it puts the heat retention properties of oil to full utilization. This way, you get the desired temperature retained for long without incurring a hefty electricity bill. What is more, you have better control of the heating with the help of the adjustable thermostat. If you need to move it from one room to another, you can do so with great ease as it comes with an ergonomically designed handle to help you with that.

When it comes to safety, the Warmlite WL43002Y Oil-Filled Radiator leads the way. With the overheat protection function, the radiator will shut down automatically to avoid any fire accidents. It has five heating fins, which makes it ideal even for large rooms. 

You can use the adjustable thermostat to set the heat level that is ideal for you. The overheat protection feature is not the only safety feature in the Warmlite WL43002Y Oil-Filled Radiator. It has undergone rigorous tests to show that it is completely safe to use. For these reasons, this radiator is arguably one of the best low wattage heaters you can find on the market.


  • This oil-filled radiator is powerful and versatile, which means you can use it in a variety of rooms
  • It is energy efficient, thus helping you to minimize your energy consumption
  • It is safe to use given that it comes with the overheat protection feature
  • This radiator is reasonably priced


  • One reviewer complained about the absence of support from the manufacturers of this oil-filled radiator
  • A couple of economy radiator reviews point out that despite being cheap, it doesn’t have much impact when used in large rooms


Our best oil-filled radiators review shows that these heaters come in different forms and capabilities. With the knowledge we share with you in this review, we hope that you are able to decide on the right oil-filled radiator for you.

If we were to pick one, it would be the De’Longhi TRD4 0615T Dragon 4. However, whichever one you decide to go for, ensure that you put all of the considerations into perspective. This way, you will not only get the best radiator, but one that is most suitable for your room-heating needs.

Our Guide For Buying The Best Oil-Filled Radiators

The Benefits of Having an Oil-Filled Radiator

There are several benefits that you will get for having an oil-filled radiator as opposed to other heating methods in your home. First, oil-filled radiators are relatively silent compared to many heaters because they do not use a fan to push hot air out. Secondly, oil-filled radiators heat up the air in your room while retaining its humidity, thus making it pleasant to breathe. It is also no doubt that oil-filled radiators are more energy efficient than other heating appliances. This is because all of the electricity is used to heat the oil without wasting any power.

The heat retention property of oil makes oil-filled radiators the best option to heat a room. Unlike a fan-assisted one, an oil-filled radiator does not cool off as soon as you turn it off. You are also in a better position to control the temperature of the room with the help of an automatic thermostat. Oil-filled radiators are quite portable as most of them come with castors and integrated handles. 

Also, most of them are small enough to be picked up and carried from one room to another. When it comes to safety, oil-filled radiators are better than other heaters available on the market. For instance, you can hardly reach the heating element, which is the oil inside the radiator.

Oil-filled radiators have safety features that help you operate them without any risks. They come with an overheat protection feature which means that the heater will switch off immediately in the unlikely event that it gets overheated. If you are wondering which electric radiators are best, you should be informed that oil-filled radiators are much better than the rest in almost all aspects.

Safety Precautions

Every year, we hear of accidents associated with oil-filled radiators. We all know how dangerous hot oil can be. However, by simply following the manufacturer’s instructions and a couple of standard operation procedures, you stand a pretty good chance of avoiding all the potential accidents that can happen. The first safety precaution is that you should never use extension cords that cannot handle the load of your radiator. It is recommended to plug your oil-filled radiator directly into the wall socket. This will go a long way in preventing any accidents that come as a result of overloading the extension.

It is advisable for you to rely on the internal components of the oil-filled radiator. Adding an external component such as temperature control equipment may tamper with the radiator and result in overheating or even cause damage to the appliance altogether. Also, if your oil-filled radiator came with wheels, you should ensure that they are secured in place before letting children near them. You should also ensure that you keep a close eye on children when they are playing around the oil-filled radiator. To be on the safe side, don’t allow children or pets around the heater when it is running.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Oil-Filled Radiator

When shopping for an oil-filled radiator, there are certain things that you cannot ignore if you want to get the best convector heater on the market. The first important consideration is the power rating. This is basically a measure of its ability to transfer heat to the room and it is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the oil-filled radiator, which means it has a high heating ability. The size of your room should give you an idea of the wattage that is suitable for your heating needs. To work out the wattage you require, you simply need to multiply the area of your room in square meters by 100. The result should be the power rating of the oil-filled radiator that is suitable for your heating needs.

The other consideration that is equally important in the selection of an oil-filled radiator is the size in terms of its dimensions. The length, width, and height of the radiator are important considerations because you need to get one that will fit into the space that you have. A large oil-filled radiator is good to have but it requires a lot of space. If you have a small space, it is always a good idea to go for a small-sized radiator. 

Also, look for other features such as an integral ergonomic handle and the wheels. Also, depending on the size of your space, you should consider whether the radiator is a mounted type or one that rests on a stand. Modern housing designs are embracing the wall-mounted types of oil filled radiators. Although this design limits the portability of the radiator, it helps to save on space.

The presence of a timer is another major consideration that you need to take into account when shopping for an oil-filled radiator. This feature enables the radiator to automatically turn itself on or off when necessary. It is a great convenience to have a timer in your oil-filled radiator because it means you don’t have to manually turn it on or off every time you want to. The price of the electric oil-filled radiator is another major consideration. This is because it is a deciding factor in any purchasing decision. When considering the price, do not just look at the price tag of the radiator. You also need to consider how much it’s going to help you save once it’s up and running. The worst thing would be to purchase a cheap oil-filled radiator that is not energy efficient.

FAQ Section

Question: What Is the Size of a Radiator That Will Heat My Room?
Answer: To find out the right size of a radiator that will heat up your room, you need to work out the area of your room in square meters. After that, multiply the result by 100. The product is the size of an oil-filled radiator in watts that will heat your room.

Question: What Are the Noise Levels of This (De’Longhi TRD4 0615T) Heater?
Answer: The noise levels are quite negligible although but it is not totally silent.

Question: Which Is the Best Oil-Filled Radiator for My Room?
Answer: This is determined by the size of your room and the level of convenience that you want to obtain from an oil-filled radiator. Simply put, the best oil-filled radiator for your room should have the right wattage and it should have at least a timer, thermostat and an overheat protection feature. These are considered to be standard features of a radiator.

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